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Musician & lyricist Veronica Rose is inspired by her journey of accessing states of grace. You know that feeling when you're there & all around you melts away.. a stillness in time~the zero point. At a young age Veronica Rose found playing guitar helped her feel a lucid dreamy state. Processing life long patterns via sensory deprivation floatation therapy, songs started coming through, refering to her music as "Theta" Folk. Poetic, down to the awkward pauses..creating space for silence in music..Promoting self love & awakening to your individual soverign self, you may find yourself swaying gently in tears of laughter, grief or self reflection, deeply transformed by her rawness and willingess to be vulnerable, a true image.  


Veronica Rose is available for public/private events. Offering 1-2 hour sets. Please email [email protected] to book an acoustic set.



Recent Performances:


Imagine Music & Arts Festival 2019 - Orcas Island, WA

Experience Volcano Festival 2019 - Volcano Village, Hawai'i, HI

Flow Fest 2019 - Pahoa, Hawai'i, HI

MAnaFest Big Island 2019 - Pahoa, Hawai'i, HI

Imagine Music & Arts Festival 2017 - Orcas Island , WA

Zepto Space :: FLUIDITY - Aug. 2017 - Redmond, WA

Wellness, Art & Float Mixer - Aug. 2017 - LifeFLoat, Seattle, WA

Starry night with Priya & Gemini Brett - Aug. 2017 - Seattle, WA

Sound Healing Set - November 2016 - Yogalife, Seattle, WA

Imagine Music & Arts Festival 2016 - Orcas Island, WA

Zepto Space :: FLUIDITY - Aug. 2016 - Redmond, WA

Blooming Heart - July 2016 - Orcas Island, WA

Yaima Campout - April 2016 - Orcas Island, WA

Zen Arts Group - House Concert - Feb. 2016 - Seattle, WA

Women of Wisdom Conference - Feb. 2016 - Seattle, WA

Imagine Music & Arts Festival 2015 - Orcas Island, WA

Triple Door Musiquarium Lounge - Aug. 2015 - Seattle, WA

Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival 2015 - Granite Falls, WA

Blooming Heart - July 2015 - Orcas Island, WA




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Puamana Farm Fest Feb. 1-2 2020, Pahoa, HI

Big Island Goddess Festival March 20, 2020 Pahoa, HI


Upcoming Shows