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Sound creates matter. Sound healing is the most ancient form of creating change. We live in a world bombarded with external stimuli, causing states of fight or flight, high cortisol levels, stressed out bodies, minds and hearts. Limited beliefs, consciously and unconsciously, may be blocking your joyful nature.


Veronica Rose offers intuitive sound healing sessions that are unique to the moment. A sound healing session will give your body a chance to recalibrate and let go of what is no longer useful.


In a session you will lay on a massage table, gently moving through feelings and emotions to the core of your issue. Veronica Rose uses her voice, light language, guitar, drum, tuning forks, and brass bowls to help access change. Spontaneous healing is possible with surrender, ease and grace.


Veronica Rose notices patterns through light and information that have been ever present, but without conscious access, thereby creating shifts in long standing blocks, relative to physical pain, family dynamics, working relationships, and past life/karmic patterns that have not been recognized for transformation.


Are you ready to shift these patterns? If YES, then..


Veronica Rose offers intuitive guidance, allowing for something different to occur, a journey into heart-centered awareness. Utilizing tools she has collected throughout the years, allowing the space for significant change in anything you wish to manifest.

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Each session is a practical yet deeply intuitive approach in providing a space for one to address root causes, supporting genuine breakthroughs & the opportunity to engage in your own self healing.


Intuitive Healing Sessions are offered at a distance, SKYPE or in-person on Hawai'i, HI.

Email [email protected] today to schedule a session.

Energy & Sound Healing Session