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Veronica Rose was born & raised in North Dakota. She attended ND State College of Science, received her BA, Dental Assistant and Dental Hygiene Degrees. While residing in Colorado, practicing Dental Hygiene, life's experiences of synchronicity lead her to "Energy Work", such as Reiki. Deepening her spiritual connection with Indigenous allies and teachings, Veronica has had the profound opportunity to be a part of many ceremonies of various indigenous traditions. Matrix Energetics was introduced to her 12/12/12; completely transforming her, the way she communicates with the universe & co-creates lifes journey. Playing in the field of the heart with curiosity, parallel universes, time travel, remote viewing and quantum physics. As Veronica Rose let go of long standing patterns in her life, writing songs became a way to guide herself back to self love. She is now sharing her music through performances around the Pacific Northwest and Hawai'i.


Veronica Rose has also facilitated deep healing through sensory deprivation floatation therapy. She has witnessed hundreds of lives transform on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and creative spectrum. Floatation therapy became a biweekly practice, floating nearly 400 hours, profoundly increasing her empathic and intuitive awarenesses in the process of decalcifying her pineal gland.  


Currently, Veronica Rose resides in the rainforest of Hawai'i with her beloved, living a life of off grid simplicity, farming and gardening. Growing and Learning. Tending the Aina in Kapu Aloha as Earth Guardians~Playing gigs and enjoying offering vibrational healing sessions.


Veronica Rose offers in-person vibrational sound healing sessions in Volcano, HI & worldwide phone sessions via Skype at this time.






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Veronica Rose is a gifted psychic & medical intuitive, practicing Vibrational Healing. She is an Ordained Minister, certified Usui Reiki Master and Sound Healer in service internationally for 17 years. In 2006 she completed a 700 hour Earth Energy Medicine training. Since 2012 she has been practicing Matrix Energetics, specializing in guiding others to create personal change by accessing new realities in a safe space of grace and Love.